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    Ffever Consulting Pvt Ltd
    A multi projects & technology
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    Simply Innovative.

We are a multi project technology company and have expertise in following fields :-

Solar power generation plant installation, Industrial supplies, E-commerce,
Surveillance system supplies & installation, Ice drilling equipment,
Activated carbon, Tour & Travel, ARAI certified GPS manufacturing, IOT.

Developing and implementing innovative products and services is widely regarded as the most important and valuable activity of any organisation. It differentiates a business from competitors and has the potential to generate substantial changes to shareholder value. Successfully delivering these new offerings, however, requires development projects spanning organisational functions that are often challenging for large and small organisations alike.

Barriers to successful delivery often include low awareness of technical risks or interdependencies, and poorly defined specifications or quality requirements.

Another challenge is setting up a team structure that is fit for purpose for a multi-disciplinary project environment and quickly building a culture to match. Project teams are often created in the image of the parent organisation in both design and culture. The familiar lines of separation are drawn between functional work streams and ‘business as usual’ ways of working and communicating are replicated in the project team. Hierarchical team structures, a rigid approach to project management, and separation of ‘management’ from ‘technologist’ roles often serve to make the situation worse.

We at FFEVER work with absolute lean organisation, clearly defining joint goals and responsibilities we were able to break down these barriers to communication. We work across the team to facilitate the decision making process and resolve key issues within minutes.

We work with clients from a wide range of sectors and we see that the most successful project teams outperform their peers in three areas:

Our approach is built on extensive experience of integrating the roles of project management and technical experts and we use it in all aspects of day-to-day project delivery.We ensure the right quality is achieved in deliverables and that technical risks and interdependencies are highlighted and managed effectively. Most crucially we make sure the right decisions are made at the right time by maintaining the entire integrated project view.

  • Advanced manufacturing for competitive advantage.
  • Using value engineering to deliver short term cost reduction and embedded learning for the future.
  • Quality is supreme & we don’t compromise.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship for all the employees.
  • Free & innovative environment.