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About Us

FFEVER stands for Friends Forever. The company is founded by Friends who started their journey together way back in 1974 as Freshman in Engineering College. Who went their way in their own way in the world pursuing their careers in diverse settings but remained together in thoughts and their belief and kinship, All excelled as business leaders and headed businesses, organisations and operations in diverse settings an industry. After successful innings as Senior Business managers FFEVER has been founded to bring the combined experience for contributing back to society with services, consulting and projects which would foster and contribute to individual and SME sector growth. Friendship stands for Fostering, Forever for sustainability.

It is a multi-project , technology & consultancy firm based at New Delhi, managed by industry experts and founded with the sole aim of supporting organisations with specialised projects implementation & supply of innovative products. FFEVER also brings deep industry knowledge and management expertise in providing Business consulting services and skill development services to meet the demand of business houses.

The team of industry experts understand the unique and complex challenges faced by small and medium businesses and provides affordable solutions which otherwise are accessible to professionally managed companies. The company is supported by a network of professional Senior Business Executives who have worked in India and internationally in diverse fields from Light to Heavy Engineering space, Fast Moving Consumer goods, supply chain, defence projects, consulting, Training, Education services and skill development. The exposure to best practices, setting up International joint ventures, transformation of start-up to industry leaders and experience and exposure to international standards contribute to services offered by FFEVER. The business association and network at disposal of partners provides an unmatched offering to its clients capabilities. Our proven expertise and insight in analyzing situations from an objective, unbiased viewpoint, challenges current thinking. And, our "hands-on" practical assistance provides solutions that deliver results and produce long-term sustainable improvements. The company also provides a whole range of services for SME’s, Education Consulting and services for Schools and Universities, Corporate & Institutional Training, Skill Development and in Clean Energy solutions.

Team of Friends